M    L
1.   A. I complete all the paperwork after seeing each client
      B. I can quickly tell what people will buy
      C. I feel confident of my ability to communicate to a large audience
      D. I have a good conversion ratio of phone calls to appointments

     M    L
2.   A. Compared with most people I have a wide circle of friends
      B. I believe selling to family and friends is unprofessional
      C. I am motivated by commission selling
      D. Status is important to me

     M    L
3.   A. I can usually persuade people to my point of view
      B. I set ambitious targets
      C. I am good at converting cold calls into sales
      D. I like it when my pay is linked directly to the sales I make

     M    L
4.   A. I try to make up other people's minds for them
      B. I find talking to strangers over the phone quite easy
      C. I buy high quality, expensive clothes
      D. I am happiest in a selling role

     M    L
5.   A. I benefit greatly from motivational tapes, books, etc.
      B. I am methodical and meticulous in my work
      C. I don't think about whether the customer needs the product or not
      D. In a group people look to me to provide answers

     M    L
6.   A. I find I work best in an upmarket office
      B. I want succcess in life
      C. I enjoy speaking to large groups
      D. I see myself progressing in a sales role

     M    L
7.   A. I use commonsense
      B. I play to win
      C. I accept people as they are
      D. I make decisions quickly

     M    L
8.   A. I am financially successful
      B. I thoroughly enjoy "cold calling"
      C. I do not wish to sell to family and friends
      D. I am better at selling than listening

     M    L
9.   A. I keep a track of the phone sales calls I make
      B. If I had my time over I would choose selling as a career
      C. People say I am good at public speaking
      D. I go out of my way to do things for other people

       M    L
10.   A. I prefer to work with laid down procedures
        B. I will retire early
        C. Customers respect me
        D. I am always the person to initiate conversation

       M    L
11.   A. I organise my work carefully
        B. My friends would never expect me to sell to them
        C. I eagerly join in social, sporting or religious activities
        D. I have an interest in the wellbeing of other people

       M    L
12.   A. I am an ambitious person
        B. I am enthusiastic about selling
        C. I can convince sceptical people
        D. I like to work with the latest technology

       M    L
13.   A. I never admit defeat even when the odds are against me
        B. I try to help people who are having problems
        C. I like telling people how much I get paid
        D. I carefully plan what I am going to say to customers

       M    L
14.   A. I make up my mind quickly
        B. I take a commonsense approach
        C. I am competitive
        D. I try not to judge other people

       M    L
15.   A. In most situations I feel confident to say what I think
        B. I am persistent in making a sale
        C. I find selling to friends and acquaintances is difficult
        D. I like to be able to earn more by working harder

       M    L
16.   A. I talk to friends about my success at work
        B. I like listening to other people's points of view
        C. I am not interested in other people's problems
        D. I like being successful

       M    L
17.   A. I find making telephone calls enjoyable
        B. I go out of my way to meet new people
        C. I don't waste time with people who clearly don't want the product
        D. I am confident that I can relate to a wide range of people

       M    L
18.   A. I believe selling to family and friends is unethical
        B. I am regarded as a "pushy" salesperson
        C. I like to make all my own sales appointments
        D. I set very high sales targets for myself

       M    L
19.   A. I enjoy role playing exercises
        B. I like to analyse things before making up my mind
        C. I am not afraid to tell people if they are wrong
        D. I feel positive about my career

       M    L
20.   A. I use my social skills to sell more
        B. People like to listen when I speak
        C. I fear I would lose friends if I tried to sell to them
        D. I prefer to sell via the telephone

       M    L
21.   A. I like being paid commission only
        B. I quickly get to the point of asking for the order
        C. I like to let people know what I do at work
        D. I never ask family and friends for sales referrals

       M    L
22.   A. I prefer to drive a late model car
        B. I like to hear the views of customers
        C. I am a person who can calm angry customers
        D. I like to make impromptu speeches

       M    L
23.   A. I like to develop a personal relationship with the people I am selling to
        B. I prefer commission rather than a salary
        C. People usually think favourably of me
        D. I don't have any problem getting on with people

       M    L
24.   A. I like to make a strong initial impression
        B. I enjoy the challenge of making telephone sales calls
        C. I am sensitive to the needs of people
        D. listening to what people want is a waste of time

       M    L
25.   A. I accept people as they are
        B. I make up my mind quickly
        C. I operate on the facts of the matter
        D. I am competitive

       M    L
26.   A. Achieving sales targets is most important to me
        B. I prefer to keep my work separate from my private life
        C. I am proud to be in the selling profession
        D. I like to follow a system or method

       M    L
27.   A. I think people who sell to friends risk losing them
        B. I am respected by peers and clients
        C. I gain satisfaction from letting other people know what I do
        D. I see each sales opportunity as a personal challenge

       M    L
28.   A. I frequently tell people what they need to buy
        B. I have a large number of friends and acquaintances
        C. I am always in the right mood to make telephone calls
        D. I prepare well in advance

       M    L
29.   A. I like to be the centre of attention
        B. I know how much money I will make if I make a sale
        C. I like going to different parties and social functions
        D. I usually close the sale quickly

       M    L
30.   A. I don't like to be beaten
        B. I take people for what they are
        C. I am decisive
        D. I operate on the facts of the matter

       M    L
31.   A. I like to make cold telephone calls
        B. I like changing people's opinion
        C. I like to be paid according to results
        D. I achieve difficult targets

       M    L
32.   A. I like to talk about my work
        B. I know the right words to say in almost any social context
        C. I benefit greatly from motivational tapes, books, etc.
        D. Phone calls are essential to the way I operate

       M    L
33.   A. I am motivated by how much I sell
        B. I actively promote selling as a career
        C. I find charts and statistics useful
        D. I like to present a professional image

       M    L
34.   A. I have no difficulty selling to people even if they don't need the product
        B. I make sure all the detail is done
        C. I prefer to sell ethical products
        D. I don't like selling to family, friends and acquaintances

       M    L
35.   A. I enjoy negotiating with customers
        B. A career in sales enables me to be financially successful
        C. I can sell to almost anyone
        D. I feel confident when speaking to a large group

       M    L
36.   A. I enjoy making presentations to groups
        B. I am dress sensitive when seeing customers
        C. My work is neat and accurate
        D. I am not afraid to tell people if they are wrong

       M    L
37.   A. I feel awkward selling to family members
        B. During presentations, I am able to ad-lib if I lose my place
        C. I sell much more than most people
        D. I need support from the sales office to do my job properly

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