1. A. I think safety procedures are important
    B. I am not a moody person

2. A. I rarely become anxious when pressured
    B. I avoid taking risks

3. A. I find it easy to concentrate
    B. I like to be recognised for working safely

4. A. I have plenty of energy at work
    B. I am well organised

5. A. I think standard work methods are best
    B. I am a team player at work

6. A. To me a secure job is important
    B. I listen carefully to what others have to say

7. A. I believe most accidents and injuries can be avoided
    B. I rarely become anxious when given deadlines

8. A. I am rarely moody
    B. I rarely take chances

9. A. I stick at what I am doing
    B. I rarely get tired at work

10. A. Recognition for working safely is important to me
      B. I organise my work

11. A. I follow standard work methods
      B. I like to have a permanent job

12. A. I work best as part of a team
      B. I listen to the views of other people

13. A. I feel safety is up to each individual
      B. I always minimise risks

14. A. I relax easily
      B. I am not easily distracted

15. A. I am not worried about doing new work
      B. I like to be acknowledged for working safely

16. A. I put a lot of energy into my work
      B. I work best in a group

17. A. I am relaxed about doing new jobs
      B. Other people listen to what I have to say

18. A. I follow standard work procedures
      B. I always listen carefully when other people are speaking

19. A. I am constantly aware of safety issues
      B. Things don't distract me at work

20. A. I am generally free of tension
      B. I like to receive some credit for my safety record

21. A. I remain calm even when rushed
      B. I keep busy at work

22. A. I rarely take risks
      B. I always plan my work

23. A. I accept standard work methods
      B. I remind others to follow safety procedures

24. A. I can switch-off at the end of the day
      B. I am calm even in pressure situations

25. A. I prefer a permanent job
      B. Being rushed does not bother me

26. A. I ask questions if I do not understand something
      B. I seldom take risks

27. A. People don't distract me at work
      B. I keep to standard work procedures

28. A. I need some credit for safe work practice
      B. I work better as part of a group

29. A. I am very active at work
      B. I like secure employment

30. A. I make sure that I have the right tools for the job
      B. I ask questions if I am not sure what is said

31. A. I am aware of the things that can go wrong
      B. I like feedback on my safety performance

32. A. I seldom feel tense
      B. I enjoy being busy at work

33. A. I rarely worry about my work
      B. I like to keep things organised

34. A. I look at the potential for risk in everything I do
      B. I prefer standard work methods

35. A. I keep at tasks until completed
      B. I prefer to work as part of a team

36. A. I plan my work
      B. I keep my mind on the job

37. A. It takes a lot to make me angry
      B. I hate changing jobs

38. A. I think safety is the responsibility of everyone
      B. I am active at work

39. A. I am relaxed at work
      B. I keep things in order

40. A. I stay calm when things go wrong
      B. I like clear instructions at work

41. A. I need feedback on my safety performance
      B. I avoid changing jobs

42. A. I prefer to work in a team
      B. I stay calm even when criticised

43. A. I always listen carefully
      B. I like to contribute to new safety procedures

44. A. I always regard safety as the highest priority
      B. I get things ready well in advance

45. A. I rarely get nervous or anxious
      B. I like standard work methods

46. A. I weigh up the risks in everything I do
      B. I am happy when I have a secure job

47. A. I concentrate on what I am doing
      B. I always get my message across to others

48. A. I work well in a team
      B. A permanent job is important to me

49. A. I am relaxed with new tasks or equipment
      B. I find it easy to keep my mind on the job

50. A. I like to be asked about new safety procedures
      B. I keep to work guidelines

51. A. I look at the risks in everything I do
      B. I like being a part of the team

52. A. I consider that most work accidents can be avoided
      B. I feel security of employment is important

53. A. I am careful to listen to what others are saying
      B. I rarely get frustrated

54. A. I rarely take shortcuts
      B. I like physical activity

55. A. I have a good knowledge of safety precedures
      B. I like to talk about my work

56. A. I always keep my mind on the job
      B. I like to have permanent work

57. A. I rarely take risks even when I am in a hurry
      B. I think management should be interested in safety

58. A. I enjoy being busy
      B. I like to discuss my work with others

59. A. I take the time to plan my work
      B. I prefer working with other people than alone

60. A. I like standard procedures at work
      B. I am very active

61. A. I like to be thanked for working safely
      B. I am energetic at work

62. A. I rarely get offended
      B. I prefer working with others

63. A. I keep things organised
      B. I like to have secure work

64. A. I weigh up the risks before taking action
      B. I seldom get bored

65. A. I am methodical
      B. I like procedures on how to do a job

66. A. I feel safety procedures are important
      B. I enjoy working in a team

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